Shri Guruji Letters

First Letter

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To All Swayamsevak brethren The body has been weakening at a rapid pace during the last one month. The doctors have lost all hope. Everyone seems concerned with the thought that this body cannot last for more than a few days. We are thus faced with the important question of the future set-up of the work of the Sangh. It is certain that the Sangh will continue to function in a worthy manner, along the lines set out in our constitution. In line with the same constitution we have also to consider the ..

Second Letter

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The motto of our work has been, "Worship the Nation", "Worship the Ideal". There is no place in it for hero worship. The physicians seem to feel that my body may not survive for long. In any case the body is ephemeral, and is bound to pass off sooner or later. After life has fled, decorating the corpse etc., would appear funny and meaningless. Likewise, it is unnecessary to idolize or raise memorials to anyone except the founder who was the embodiment of the mission of the Sangh...

Third Letter

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My dearest and respected Swayamsevak brethren- The body of Parama Poojaneeya Dr. Hedgewar attained rest on 21st June 1940; and in accordance with his wish, the onerous office of Sarsanghachalak fell to my lot. At that time I knew little. And yet, all the senior workers extended their warm-hearted co-operation and guided me. I was thus able to carry on the work for the long period of 33 years. It now appears to be God's will that I should hand over the responsibility to a worthy successor to ensure ..