Lesson from Hindu History
The following is a talk given by Paramapoojaneeya Sri Guruji Golwalkar in the Sangh Shiksha Varg (Officers Training Camp) of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh held at Nagpur, on Thursday, 7-5-1942. This was delivered when the country was still under the thralldom of British rule. Though more than six decades have gone since he gave this clarion call to the Hindu Nation to shun the inherent weakness of disunity and lack of national consciousness which has brought its downfall, the condition of the Hindus in general still remains the same. There is no salvation to the Hindu Nation unless Hindus themselves wake up and rise like a lion.
Lesson from Hindu History
You must be aware that, like in Nagpur, we are having our Officers Training Camp at Pune also, where I had been since its opening and have returned only yesterday. I was fortunate to meet our workers there, and now I shall have the pleasure to meet our workers from many more provinces, who have gathered here. I shall be particularly glad to meet new Swayamsevaks and workers from new branches that must have sprung up during the course of the year. Perhaps I may know them through correspondence only, but now that they are here, I shall try to meet them personally. I am afraid, I shall not be able to spend a major portion of my time in this camp as I shall be required to visit other centres also. But I am here and I shall be required to utilizing whatever time I can snatch, to form new acquaintances and renew old ones.
The Downfall of the Hindus
Taste of the Hindu Might
Sovereignty of Nation Surrendered
Want of consciousness of fundamental Hindu Unity